Re-inventing Real-time BSS to Drive Mobile Broadband Value

Re-inventing Real-time BSS to Drive Mobile Broadband Value


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Duration 60min
Ari Banerjee
Senior Analyst
Heavy Reading
Ari Banerjee
Banerjee focuses on service provider IT, including all aspects of telecom software research. Banerjee examines the breadth of software used by communications service providers in customer, business, service, and infrastructure management. His area of focus includes all aspects of BSS, OSS, SDP, digital commerce, revenue assurance, service assurance, and elements that span both the infrastructure and network software markets, such as data warehousing, analytics, and business intelligence. Prior to joining Heavy Reading, Banerjee was the VP of Next Generation Software Systems at Yankee Group, leading and overseeing all aspects of their telecom software research. He also worked for the billing and customer care division at Lucent Technologies, and subsequently the global software and services group at CSG Systems. He has worked for utility companies in Asia and Europe in a number of business development and technology functions. Banerjee speaks regularly at leading communications industry events. He holds a B.E. in electronics and communications from Manipal Institute of Technology in India and an M.S. in computer information systems from Bentley College. He also holds an M.B.A. from the University of Glasgow Business School.
Nigel Back
Director of Product Strategy
MATRIXX Software
Nigel Back

Nigel has worked for 20 years in the telecoms industry with operators, suppliers and as co-founder of Swiss consulting firm, Startec AG. Starting as a hardware engineer designing high sensitivity amplifiers for long haul fibre systems, he has climbed the systems stack and now specializes in Intelligent Networks, real-time charging and policy management. He has published in peer reviewed journals (Electronic Letters), authored and co-authored patents in IN and policy and presented as a Telco 2 stimulus speaker.

Prior to his current role as Director of Product Strategy for MATRIXX Software, Nigel worked with Redknee, NSN and BT. He holds a BSc in Electronic Systems from Kingston University and an MSc in Telecoms Engineering from Kings College, London. He is based in Munich, Germany.

Higher data speeds, accelerating smartphone penetration and an expanding universe of applications are transforming the mobile communication landscape. As service providers explore opportunities for new value propositions and business models, the importance of real-time charging and policy as an enabler for customer intimacy and innovation is growing. Contemporary real-time platforms developed in the 1990s for the simpler demands of voice are proving severely limited in supporting the extreme performance and complexity demands of connectionless mobile data applications. Service Providers have been locked into technology that is based on Online Transaction Processing principles developed 40 years ago. They are consequently forced into deep and unpredictable trade-offs between flexibility, scalability and affordability - limiting their ability to innovate and forge new business models. The time has come to re-invent BSS and unlock the value of CSP core assets.

This webinar will:

  • Explore the growing value of real-time for mobile broadband
  • Explain why limitations with existing real-time BSS cannot be solved through scaling or optimization
  • Introduce Parallel-MATRIXX technology, a completely new approach to real-time BSS offering 100x or greater performance improvements even for the most complex services and business models
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