Right-Size Your Solution with Scalable Unified Middleware

Right-Size Your Solution with Scalable Unified Middleware


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Duration 60min
Simon Stanley
Analyst at Large, Heavy Reading and Principal Consultant, Earlswood Marketing
Simon Stanley

Simon Stanley is Founder and Principal Consultant at Earlswood Marketing Ltd., an independent market analyst and consulting company based in the U.K. Stanley's recent work has included investment due diligence, market analysis for investors, and business/product strategy for semiconductor companies.

Stanley has written extensively for Heavy Reading and Light Reading. His reports and Webinars cover a variety of communications-related subjects, including LTE, Policy Management, Cloud Computing IMS, ATCA, 40/100-Gbit/s components, multicore processors, switch fabric chipsets, network processors, and optical transport components. He has also run several Light Reading events covering ATCA, MicroTCA, 10-Gbit/s Ethernet components and broadband devices.

Prior to founding Earlswood Marketing, Stanley spent more than 15 years in product marketing and business management. He has held senior positions with Fujitsu, National Semiconductor, and U.K. startup ClearSpeed, covering networking, personal systems, and graphics in Europe, North America, and Japan.

Stanley has spent over 30 years in the electronics industry, including several years designing CPU-based systems, before moving into semiconductor marketing. In 1983, Stanley earned a Bachelor's in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Brunel University, London.

Joe Kidder
Joe Kidder, Director of Element Middleware at Enea
Joe Kidder

Joe Kidder is Director for Element Middleware at Enea and works in the CTO Office.

Joe was Director of Software for Element at Enea, where he led the development of Element Middleware.

Joe led HA middleware development at Equipe Communications, a multiservice switch startup. A 25 year industry veteran, Joe developed routers and switches at Wellfleet Communications, Bay Networks, and Nortel Networks, and file servers at Data General Corporation. Joe is inventor of 13 patents in high availability, system architecture, and quality of service.

Joe received an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a BA in Physics from Oberlin College.

There is a continuum of processing environments ranging from microcontrollers that can be embedded in a light bulb to massively parallel elastic geo-diverse compute clouds. Telco and other critical embedded systems are taking advantage of this flexibility in scale. Products that were once limited to a small range of purpose-built, chassis-based systems are now migrating to right-sized solutions ranging from tiny system on a chip (SoC) technology to large cloud-based infrastructures.

Delivering a software-based solution on this diverse range of platforms can be simplified using commercial off the shelf (COTS) middleware to provide a rich set of commodity services such as distributed messaging, standard model-based system and device management, and non-stop high availability. The solution developer can focus on building the application that provides the differentiating value.

This presentation will describe a unified approach to middleware that offers a consistent application environment and feature set across a wide range of platform types and system scale. Access to the right set of middleware services at any scale allows system and application designers to quickly deliver complete, right-sized solutions.
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