The Rise of NFV and the Software Telco

The Rise of NFV and the Software Telco

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Duration 60 Minutes
Tom Schroer
Director – Service Provider Marketing
Tom Schroer
Tom brings many years of experience with both wireless and fixed data and voice networks to the service provider marketing efforts of Dialogic’s network infrastructure portfolio. Prior to Dialogic, Mr. Schroer worked at NetScout Inc. and Tektronix focusing on service provider marketing efforts for their service assurance solutions for mobile and fixed operators. Tom was also heavily involved in the service provider segment in planning, operations and engineering with Sigma Networks as Director of Network Planning, GST Telecom as VP of Operations and Engineering, Brooks Fiber Properties, and SBC. He holds an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and a BSEE from University of Notre Dame.
Jim Hodges
Senior Analyst
Heavy Reading
Jim Hodges
Jim Hodges has worked in telecommunications for more than 20 years, with experience in both marketing and technology roles. His primary areas of research coverage at Heavy Reading include softswitch, IMS, and application server architectures, protocols, and service enablers such as SOA.

Hodges also co-authors Heavy Reading's IP Network Transformation Market Tracker, a special periodic research service. Hodges joined Heavy Reading after nine years at Nortel Networks, where he tracked the VOIP and application server market landscape, most recently as a senior marketing manager. Other activities at Nortel included definition of media gateway network architectures and development of Wireless Intelligent Network standards. Additional industry experience was gained with Bell Canada, where Hodges performed IN and SS7 planning, numbering administration, and definition of regulatory-based interconnection models.

Hodges holds a B.A. in Politics from Queen's University, as well as a BComm from the University of Windsor.

Service providers are facing challenges on both business and technical fronts.  They want to be nimble and rapidly launch new services, and enable new capabilities in the network to elevate performance, reduce operational cost and complexity, and increase deployment flexibility.  They see the traditional hardware-based deployment lifecycle more as overhead and becoming increasingly operationally time consuming, with little incremental benefit to revenue and potentially even constraining service innovation.

To address these challenges, Service Providers are driving a transformative concept called Network Functions Virtualization - or NFV - that moves network functionality to software and leverages commercially available IT server and virtualization technology. 

This webinar will discuss NFV, and cover the criteria that service providers should consider when determining whether a particular network element is a good candidate for network virtualization.  We will also cover how it makes sense to virtualize session border controller (SBC) functionality in networks today as an initial step in implementing an NFV strategy, and provide use cases on virtualized SBCs that can, in a rational manner, help realize the benefits of increased flexibility, low TCO and faster service  deployment.  Finally, we’ll discuss vendor capabilities service providers should consider as they implement their virtualization strategy and move towards their vision of the “software telco.”

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