New Monetization Strategies for Cloud Providers that Own Networks

New Monetization Strategies for Cloud Providers that Own Networks


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Duration 60min
Caroline Chappel
Analyst at Large
Heavy Reading
Caroline Chappel

Caroline Chappell is widely recognized as a leading authority on the emerging service delivery platform (SDP) technology sector. She has more than a decade of experience tracking the telecom industry as an analyst. She also produces Light Reading's Services Software Insider, a bimonthly research service that tracks SDP and related markets.

Prior to joining Light Reading, Chappell was most recently employed at Ovum, where she wrote a number of market reports and led large market research projects for clients including IBM and BT. She has been a freelancer since 1993, focusing on various aspects of the IP market and IT/telecom convergence. Her clients have included the European Commission, for which she carried out several research projects in conjunction with European partners, a range of U.K. ITC services companies, and several other analyst firms.

Chappell also writes regularly for Capacity magazine. She is based in North Dorset, U.K. She can be reached at

Sandeep Agrawal
Senior Marketing Manager, Cloud Solutions
Sandeep Agrawal
Sandeep Agrawal has a fifteen year record of anticipating emerging Service Provider revenue models driven by fundamental technology and market shifts. At Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, he led the commercialization of a range of beachhead market focused solutions for Mobile infrastructure, Cloud and Video delivery by innovatively combining new system technologies, software and content. Sandeep currently develops and advocates cross-domain Cloud Provider solutions at Cisco.
Major IT shifts are beginning to favor Service Providers for the delivery of business-class cloud services. These include new types of public and private clouds that need to be connected, new cloud capabilities to scale and adapt the delivery network and new software to aggregate and broker services.

This webinar will show how these shifts are creating the next stage of cloud delivery - where Service Providers rapidly create highly secure, predictable cloud services and customize them for every tenant. It will showcase new cloud business models and use cases including hybrid clouds, hosting and service syndication.
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