Reinventing Mobile Customer Care with Device-Sourced Big Data Analytics

Reinventing Mobile Customer Care with Device-Sourced Big Data Analytics


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Duration 60min
Berge Ayvazian
Associate Editor
Heavy Reading
Berge Ayvazian
Berge Ayvazian leads Heavy Reading’s 4G Consulting Practice which helps operators develop their 4G technology roadmaps and business plans, building on extensive Heavy Reading research in mobile RAN, packet core, backhaul and service platforms. Ayvazian joined Heavy Reading following more than 20 years as a senior telecom industry analyst and strategy consultant with Yankee Group, where he served as CEO and chairman of the 4G World and Mobile Internet World conference programs. Mr. Ayvazian is a recognized telecom industry analyst, strategy advisor and a frequent contributor to the Light Reading news portal and speaker at Light Reading and other telecom industry events worldwide.
Larry Lenhart
President & Chief Executive Officer
Carrier iQ
Larry Lenhart
With a background in running and advising technology companies, Larry joined Carrier iQ from Mohr Davidow Ventures where he worked closely with entrepreneurs, research institutions and investors in information technology. Lenhart has more than 18 years of leadership experience in growing and managing technology and service-based businesses with a specific expertise in software, Internet services and infrastructure technology. Prior to Mohr Davidow, Larry was the CEO for a number of technology companies resulting in successful acquisition exits and an IPO. Before his CEO experience, Larry was a managing partner at Deloitte Consulting and at AT Kearny, where he provided strategic and operational expertise across the globe with his clients at EDS, AT&T, New Jersey Bell, E-Trade, Novell, Federal Express, GM, Saudi Aramco, Bank of South Africa, and DuPont, among others.
Ken Kralick
Global Solution Executive - Customer Experience
IBM Telecommunications Industry
Ken Kralick
Ken works with Communications Service Providers (CSPs) globally, to bring IBM solutions which improve business results, using Advanced Analytics and Big Data, with a focus on Customer Experience. Working with clients from the Line of Business and IT, Ken helps to develop solutions which gain insight from the information, already possessed and through new sources of information, by developing Roadmaps, Solution Designs, and Business Value Assessments, which will lead to improved business results. Ken has over 27 years of strategic planning and solution implementation experience, with a track record of delivering solid results with commercial clients on small and large engagements
Consumer experience is at the core of every mobile service provider’s business. A good customer experience translates into low churn rates, reduced support costs, and high satisfaction scores.

When assessing the customer experience, service and support are often identified as the most important touch points, and are often measured by subscribers as having the highest impact on the relationship with an operator today. Care costs to mobile operators are expected to reach $16bn worldwide by 2015, over half these costs are the result of no-fault-found device returns.

This webinar shows mobile operators how to optimize care costs and maximize customer experience care to enhance satisfaction. Speakers will address these issues and provide insights on:

  • Leveraging device-sourced information and proven, scalable big data analytics to acquire mobile intelligence about any device or groups of devices in the network
  • Combining device-sourced insights with network data to get the full picture of the actual customer experience
  • Using multi-dimensional analytics to compare individual user experience with overall subscribers from a combined network and device perspective
  • Drilling-down to any single device to understand the causes of poor perceived customer experience to provide solutions to issues impacting experience
  • Enabling high-return premium care by providing high-ARPU subscribers with a more reactive and more precise response to their reported issues or questions
  • Reducing no-fault-found returns by diagnosing precisely the cause of a poor perceived experience instead of issuing new devices blindly

Operators who view this webinar will learn how to enhance customer experience and control care costs by providing immediate facts-based  diagnostics and answers to subscribers, while transforming customer care from reactive to proactive by leveraging mobile intelligence across the entire device base.

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