Achieving Network Agnostic Services Ubiquity through Predictive Subscriber Data Management

Achieving Network Agnostic Services Ubiquity through Predictive Subscriber Data Management


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Duration 60min
Jim Hodges
Senior Analyst
Heavy Reading
Jim Hodges
Jim Hodges has worked in telecommunications for more than 20 years, with experience in both marketing and technology roles. His primary areas of research coverage at Heavy Reading include softswitch, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and application server architectures and virtualization, control plane protocols such as Diameter and OpenFlow, IP service delivery, subscriber data management (SDM) and managed services.

Hodges also co-authors Heavy Reading's IP Network Transformation Market Tracker, a special periodic research service.

Hodges joined Heavy Reading after nine years at Nortel Networks, where he tracked the VoIP and application server market landscape, most recently as a senior marketing manager. Other activities at Nortel included definition of media gateway network architectures and development of Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN) standards. Additional industry experience was gained with Bell Canada, where Hodges performed IN and SS7 planning, numbering administration and definition of regulatory-based interconnection models.

Hodges is based in Ottawa and can be reached at
Amir Einav
Head of Products & Solutions Management, Actionable Customer Intelligence, Communications, Media & Entertainment
Amir Einav
Amir Einav has over 20 years of experience in technology management and marketing. Joining HP 6 years ago he is leading the product management of the Actionable Customer Intelligence line of products and earlier led HP Communication and Media Solutions’ Product Marketing.

Previous positions included 5 years at Comverse as director of product strategy and the manager of Comverse’ handset software activity.

Before joining Comverse Amir founded and act as VP product for a web e-commerce start-up. Amir has BA of economics and management from Tel Aviv University.

The commercialization of LTE and subsequent sharp uptake in mobile broadband consumption, as well as expansion of carrier WiFi footprint, illustrates that subscribers are finding new ways to use mobile connectively in a services context. And leading the way are personalized services that subscribers perceive as representing higher value than simply pushing content. In this new world order, mobile operators require the most complete insight about their subscribers to proactively improve the customer experience.

Unfortunately, there are a number of challenges that confront operators, one of which is the reality that operators may have very limited insight on services preferences due to underlying network capabilities. Therefore, the industry is now focusing on how to best achieve services ubiquity by decoupling service delivery from radio access type and utilizing predictive analytics and subscriber data in new and collaborative ways to harmonize user experience and enhance monetization models.

Accordingly, in this webinar we will examine how by extending data management techniques, extracting and analyzing data in real time, access network related challenges can be mitigated. 

Speakers will address:

  • Steps and technical requirements to support true services ubiquity
  • The impact of software driven data management and analytics techniques
  • How analytics through tighter integration with the UDR can enhance service personalization
  • Specific use cases which quantify the inherent value proposition.
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