100G/400G Networking Solutions Webinar: Technology and Components

100G/400G Networking Solutions Webinar: Technology and Components

Sponsored by MoSys & Xilinx

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Duration 60min
Simon Stanley
Senior Analyst
Heavy Reading
Simon Stanley
Simon Stanley is Founder and Principal Consultant at Earlswood Marketing Ltd., an independent market analyst and consulting company based in the U.K. Stanley's recent work has included investment due diligence, market analysis for investors, and business/product strategy for semiconductor companies. Stanley has written extensively for Heavy Reading and Light Reading. His reports and Webinars cover a variety of communications-related subjects, including LTE, Policy Management, Cloud Computing IMS, ATCA, 40/100-Gbit/s components, multicore processors, switch fabric chipsets, network processors, and optical transport components. He has also run several Light Reading events covering ATCA, MicroTCA, 10-Gbit/s Ethernet components and broadband devices.
Michael Miller
Vice President of Technology Innovation and System Applications
MoSys, Inc.
Michael Miller
Mr. Miller brings more than 30 years of experience in technology innovation, system architecture, software and complex logic to MoSys. Prior to joining MoSys, he held the position of Chief Technical Officer for Integrated Device Technology, Inc.. He also held engineering management positions in software, applications and product definition, serving IDT for more than 20 years. Prior to joining IDT, he was involved with managing software teams within two systems companies for five years. In addition, he managed the designing of complex logic and bitslice at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Mr. Miller holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science from the California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and has been awarded 25 patents to date.
Gilles Garcia
Director, Wired Communications
Gilles Garcia
100G/400G networking represents a major opportunity for carriers and system developers to deliver value added systems and services. Key technologies and standards are being developed to meet 100G/400G and beyond network requirements, enabling this critical transition.

Join us for a live webinar that explains:

•  Technologies and challenges for carriers and telecom equipment manufacturers
•  Growing demand for 100G and 400G solutions
•  Technology and application challenges for meeting increasing throughput and performance requirements
•  Methodology for delivering 100G/400G bandwidth
•  Transition to 28G and 56G for 100G/400G aggregate line cards and backplanes
•  Electrical standards for 100G and 400G
•  Serial interface protocol efficiency and solutions
•  Programmable packet processing solutions for 100G to 500G line cards
•  Integrating OTN and Ethernet at 100G/400G


New capabilities and services are driving massive broadband and smart device adoption by users for both work and play. These new services require both higher data rates and intelligent content delivery from the network. As 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet proliferates from the core of the network toward access equipment and servers to support this demand, carriers, cloud service providers and enterprise network managers must deliver higher bandwidth solutions at the core and edge.

100G/400Gbit/s networking represents a major opportunity for carriers and system developers to deliver value added systems and services to support these rising user requirements and expectations. Establishing an ecosystem of leading edge electronic components represents one of the critical elements in enabling the networking equipment.

This webinar will explore key technologies and challenges for carriers and telecom equipment manufacturers as the industry expands use of 100G/400G as well as the expanding range of component and IP building block solutions available. Register now and tell your colleagues as well.

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