Navigating the Transformation to All-IP Networks

Navigating the Transformation to All-IP Networks


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Duration 60min
Jim Hodges
Senior Analyst
Heavy Reading
Jim Hodges
Jim Hodges has worked in telecommunications for more than 20 years, with experience in both marketing and technology roles. His primary areas of research coverage at Heavy Reading softswitch, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and application server architectures and virtualization, control plane protocols such as Diameter and OpenFlow, IP service delivery, subscriber data management (SDM) and managed services. Hodges joined Heavy Reading after nine years at Nortel Networks, where he tracked the VoIP and application server market landscape, most recently as a senior marketing manager. Other activities at Nortel included definition of media gateway network architectures and development of Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN) standards. Additional industry experience was gained with Bell Canada, where Hodges performed IN and SS7 planning, numbering administration and definition of regulatory-based interconnection models. Hodges is based in Ottawa.
Shelly North
Account Executive
Shelly North

Long gone are the good old days when telephone carriers' biggest concerns were "simply" acquiring more customers or making sure cellphone calls did not drop. In contrast, today's wireless, cable, and VoIP carriers are faced with game-changing decisions at every turn as they work to achieve operational savings, unlock new communications capabilities, and meet the increased bandwidth demands of their customers.

Key considerations here include market consolidation through merger-and-acquisition, and network modernization projects leading to all-IP networks. CSPs must plan for and meet the challenges of maximizing value, managing costs and customer expectations to provide next-generation telecommunications in the fast-paced, ever-changing world.

Accordingly, this webinar will address how CSPs, with the right planning and knowledge, can leverage existing systems and processes to ensure that operations enable, not hinder, success.

More specifically, the following topics related to mergers in the telecommunications space will be discussed:

  • Provisioning and interoperability implications of mergers and network upgrades among CSPs, including those employing different network technologies
  • Systems consolidation challenges
  • Minimizing subscriber churn
  • Backoffice system integration
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